Saturday, March 21, 2009

Trying to find the elusive Fire King Pink Swirl cup (with crawfish boil segue)

I broke one of my beautiful pink cups the other day and have looked everywhere trying to find one at a reasonable price. Went to 5 yard sales this morning and they were just awful. Even the ever-present baby items were bad. Hit two junk stores and scored some cool stuff, but no cup. Even went to an antique mall in Slidell and of course had to buy SOMETHING there, but it's difficult to find reasonably priced items at antique malls. Plus so many items are misidentified. Everything I did get was at least 25% off, though. I mean, really--a little Petal plate for $4.50? Granted, it was in perfect condition, which is rare for Petal, but with 25% off, it's closer to book value. I did buy, among other things, a dashboard St. Joseph and gave it to Cousin Gwen (aka "Ballsy Bitch") at her crawfish boil today (where I ate a whole head of garlic, along with dem crawdads, corny cob, red taters, all seasoned up with Zatarains berl--my breath must be toxic!). Lord, I have SO MUCH to unpack in the garage, but it's getting so overwhelming that just thinking about it makes me want to throw up. Hep me, Jaysuss, hep me!!!!