Saturday, May 23, 2009

God Bless Them

I am extremely proud of several members of Mike's family who are or have been recent military. Mike's sister Julie has three sons and a daughter. The oldest, Mark, is a career Marine who was in Iraq three times and is now a drill instructor here in the States (prior to Iraq, he starred on the Military Channel's "Tank School" as the tough, profane--yet loveable--instructor. I'm sure he would not appreciate that description, LOL). Julie has twin boys, Wayne and John. Wayne is career Army and has been to both Afghanistan and Iraq. The youngest, Kristina, just married Doug, who was Army when she met him and was in a helicopter crew in Iraq, got out of the Army, and may return to active duty soon. For personal reasons, I am not an advocate of nor a supporter of war, yet I say a prayer each day for the safety of all those away from their families in the service of our country, and pray that one day soon all of them will be out of harm's way.