Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Great Finds!

Friday and Saturday was an orgy of driving and sweating (and buying). I drove north of Jackson, MS for an estate sale (2-1/2 hour drive from home) and found some great things, as one usually does at estate sales. It was being run by a professional service, so I figured they'd know what was valuable and price it accordingly, but I did manage to get some good bargains. This Foley Bone China "Highland Heather" sugar and creamer went for $2! That's my red toaster in the background--I love it.
I think one of the best bargains I've EVER gotten is this Westmoreland Glass "Della Robbia" candy dish, which was marked $3. It is worth considerably more and I'm thrilled to have snagged it!
Other wonderful finds were an "American Sweetheart" Monax sherbet, two "King's Crown" crystal with cranberry flashing cups, a Royal Copenhagen square butter pat or teabag holder entitled "Borsen" ($1.00) and more. I was also happy to find a 1942 edition of Marjorie Rawling's "Cross Creek" (and while I loved the movie with Mary Steenburgen, it apparently took just bits and parts from the book) and a copy of "Stella Dallas" that was issued with the 1925 movie version starring Belle Bennett, with stills from that movie. I was only familiar with the 1937 "Stella Dallas" with the fabulous Barbara Stanwyck, so I was intrigued.
After I finished sweating at this sale, I started back home, but that certainly wasn't the end of my treasure hunt. My next stop in Star, MS was one of those antique malls that the owners label FLEA MARKET so they can lure in people like me who think they're going to get all these incredible bargains. We have alot of these down here, unfortunately. Some good stuff, though, like this Tipp City-ish spice rack with 8 spice jars and some of the original Frank Tea & Spice Co. labels on the backs.

I have no idea if this GE alarm clock works but the ambiance factor is huge.

Another stop further down the road netted me, among other things, a 60's postcard of the Carousel Bar at the Monteleone Hotel in New Orleans. All of the male customers are in suits and 3 of them have on black frame glasses. The women's hairstyles were of the, oh how shall I say, "carefully tended" variety. I have personally reveled in that bar several times and it really does go around like a carousel, albeit VERY slowly; otherwise, everyone would be throwing up or falling down. Oh ha, ha--like that doesn't happen anyway in New Orleans.

The next day, my friend Meredith and I drove up to Angie, LA for a couple more flea markets, one of which actually qualifies as a flea market! This Pyrex "Desert Dawn" loaf pan was a find. I like the splatter effect.

The West Bend pot was definitely not this shiny and clean when I bought it for $1, but with alot of elbow grease, sweat, and the amazing Magic Eraser, it's now beautiful. It contains an inner bowl with holes so pasta cooking has to be one function.

And to top off the day, I scored a FREE 18x24 PBN of Venice at my favorite antique store in Mandeville, LA. It needs some cleaning and the board the canvas is stuck to has warped, but this is all fixable. And FREE!!! A perfect ending to a happy sweaty journey.