Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jammin' Weekend, Act II

I bought this box mainly for the box itself, not what's inside, which consisted of 5 metal clips, a bunch of flat pieces of metal imprinted "This Side Up" and what looks like sections of a chalk eraser. I have absolutely NO idea how this was used. Not that I'm averse to doing something with my hair other than washing it and leaving the wind to do the rest, but this Lady Carole stuff scares me. Even before you open the box, it advertises that it's machineless. Well, that's good--I remember seeing those Dr. Frankenstein devices of torture in beauty shops where they attached your hair to rollers hooked to a heating unit and then you sat there while your hair fried, er, got permed. Doesn't this look like a fun way to spend your Saturday? The box will go with all my other 30's and 40's personal care stuff. What a hoot!

The estate sale where I bought all this wonderfulness had a sign on a bookcase--books were $2 but the Bibles were free. I thought that was really nice. I found this little card, cross & statue of Jesus in a plastic bag for $1. I collect these statues--most of mine are plaster. I think Jesus has a future on my dashboard, cuz, you know . . . "Ah don't care if it rains or freezes, cuz ah got my plastic Jesus . . ." Is that sacreligious?
The mini jam jar is precious with it's engraved pewter top and cut glass. Now I have to find an itty bitty spoon. Just as I picked it up, I had another grand-daughter encounter. She looked at the jar and went, "Oooooh! I was thinking about getting that." Being me, I was half-going to tell her she could have it, but then I thought, now wait just a freakin' minute. Somebody already had dibs on all this stuff and it's still sitting here. Screw that. This was all internal, you understand.
What would life be without the jarring, jangling wakeup call of a Baby Ben alarm clock? I think they stopped making these because so many of them got thrown across the room, you went back to sleep and then were late to work. Now we have digital and a snooze button that we can whack a couple times before we roll out of bed into the cruel, cruel light of day.
I love this coffee pot with its matching sugars and creamers. Although I already HAVE the sugar and creamer, I couldn't pass up the chance to get two more sets PLUS the pot. One more set and each person at my upcoming brunch (ha ha ha, I kill myself) will have their OWN sugar and creamer! Talk about useless--who even uses these things anymore when you can just shake the fake creamer into your cup and rip open a packet of fake sweetener.
So, let's see--I spent $2 on the Lady Carole for the box, $1 for the dashboard Jesus, $1 for the jampot, $5 for Baby Ben (hey, it still works and there are dents in it), and $10 for the coffee pot and sugars/creamers. There were a few more items purchased at this sale but I can't wait any longer--next post, the White Grandma Goes To Town hats!