Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Amazing (and I'm not really referring to what I bought)

What's amazing is that I bought ALL of this for $10.85!!! Just like the big girls on the West Coast, although there are a few of you who would probably have gotten away with all this for 50 cents or something . . . But for me, I'm stoked. Here's what I got:
Blue satin throw pillow with lots and lots of beads, "Galaxy Quest" and "Sinbad" books, empty cookie tin with cover by Norman Rockwell, pottery bowl with frogs around the edge, white decorative bird cage, "lava lamp" that fits over a nightlight (but will instead be added to my car's dashboard), AND an extremely sweet drawer/shelf with rose drawer pulls and handpainted roses! It was coming loose on one side but Tacky Glue and a pile of books made it perfect again. The women running the sale were self-described "poor teachers" and I said, "Well, isn't that redundant?" and we all had a chuckle.

On another note, my latest Tias newsletter noted the top ten search words on their site for June:
1. Bavaria
2. Transferware
3. Cookie jar
4. Die Cut
5. Silesia
6. Teacup
7. Harker
8. Toothpick holder
9. McCoy
10. Michael Jackson

#5 and #7 stumped me and I will have to google them and then check to see if I have anything in my stash labeled as Silesia and/or Harker. Are the Michael Jackson collectibles more valuable pre- or post- nose job? And I need to know where all these people are who are searching for Bavarian porcelain. Mom and I had some beautiful pieces for sale at an antique mall here, priced reasonably, and never had a single nibble.