Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mississippi Historic Site

Every time I drive to Birmingham to visit the family, I pass a sign on the interstate that invites you to visit a designated historic site in Kewanee, MS. Kewanee is a little east of Meridian, MS, if that means anything at all to you. It should--Meridian has one of the remaining Dentzel carousels!

It's the The Simmons & Wright Grocery/General Store

Kewanee is at the halfway point of my 5 hour one-way drive and I'm either in a hurry to get to Birmingham or in a hurry to get home, so needless to say I don't stop. Once a year I do drive into York, AL to visit the grave of our dear friend Beau Smith -- I like to leave a note in an urn atop his grave saying hello from all of us. I decided on this last trip that I would stop to check out the store on the way home and although I decided not to go in (I had the dog, it was too freaking hot, I was tired blah blah blah), I did stop to take some pictures outside.

Photos taken in back of the store.
(NOTE TO SELF: definitely use the bathroom at the gas station down the road)

I also found out that Kewanee is one of the southernmost cities participating in the Highway 11 Antique Alley yard sale in May. It's been calendared.