Friday, October 2, 2009

What I Kept From The Monkeybox Box

Hey Mom! You just got a suspicious looking box from someone named Shara!

Boo sniffing the box for bombs. It passed inspection.

Here's some of what was in the Monkeybox box. My husband was fascinated with the Canoes of the New Zealand Maori kitchen towel. That's a rooster apron, a vintage sun bonnet, cute canister set, several salt & pepper sets (I collect them, so not a-one made it to the next destination), a dolly dress, prize ribbons, a mirror--what a great box of junque!

Close-up of salt & pepper sets. Love the wooden clothespins. And everyone needs to get a round tuit!
Several cards of vintage fasteners, buttons, and other sewing paraphernalia look utterly divine in my Hommer's Kitten Sewing Kit box. I just got it a week ago and was wondering how to fill it. Problem solved!
It's Sugar Bear!
This toaster cover was my hands-down favorite. Unfortunately, my husband insists on actually USING the toaster which totally messes up my display . . .
Thank you, Shara, for letting me in on the fun!