Saturday, August 11, 2007

What It Is

Of course you know that "what it is" is the Louisiana version of "what's this?" So in answer to "what it is" above, it's one of my art cards, which will eventually find its way to my niece, Corinne (hence the initials "C" and "A" on the card). I've made several of the cards, first using playing cards and then graduating to balsa wood I cut to about 3"x3", sand, wrap in stained glass window foil tape, and then start embellishing as the whimsy hits me. This card was made to congratulate Corinne on getting her first real job (after graduating this past May from UAB Birmingham)--she works at a tv station and is the person who collects the news for the on-air talent. Blogs are too cool, aren't they? It's journaling for all the world to see. And what's with this "Kate Spike" stuff? Mike's friend JD started calling me Kate after he saw me dressed up like a cowgirl, and Mike's friend BEN CARR always refers to him as Spike (and of course, I'm Mrs. Spike). One of these days I'm actually going to start a little company and will call it K Spike Ltd or something.