Saturday, October 6, 2007

Doggie Fashionista

Having a Chihuahua, albeit a great big one (11 pounds) means you've been given a license to dress the dog. I think Holly is somewhat embarrassed by the costumes but she's such a mellow doggie that she goes along with being occasionally clothed. We've taken her to Barkus, the Mardi Gras parade for dogs, for several years (see photo of Flying Monkey, handmade by yours truly--I can't sew so the vest, wings and hat were all glued and velcroed together). She got her picture in the Times Picayune one year due to the fabulous and feathery green wings we put together using a coat hanger, feather boa and dog harness. She sort of disappeared into the outfit but it was stunning nevertheless. Her latest fashion statement is from DogBar in Miami Beach and it's a stunner. A t-shirt with an incredible rendition of Ganesh (minus the elephant head, replaced by a dog head). Not sure if this is sacreligious or not (Pavit?) but with the number of Ganesh statues and pictures in my house I couldn't resist. Once this frigging hot and humid weather realizes it's FALL and cools off, she'll be able to wear her finery. Until then, she's au natural, as God made her.