Sunday, April 5, 2009

Angie, Louisiana

There are two flea markets that I visit about once a month in this little bitty town, but what I really love is this little park with old timey buildings. One of them is a general store with an old gas pump or something, and a cool Conoco sign that I would love to have hanging on MY property.

Princess Running Water did NOT use these facilities, loath though she was to pass up a bathroom.

And then there's the cemetary, opened in 1917, which apparently ran out of room in 1961. When I was taking this picture, an old woman in a golf cart drove up, stopped, looked at me, I said a cheery "Hello!", she frowned, then she turned the cart around and putt-putted off. In a town where there cannot be more than a couple hundred residents, I find the biddy!