Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fun With Definition Stretching

The perfect place for cold cream and red lipstick!

Dinner at Eight for Eight--"Flamingo Pink" Pyrex and lots of milk glass

I get emails from a service that tells me about estate sales within 500 miles of me--had to give such a huge amount of miles since there aren't many estate sales around here. There was one listed for Lucedale, MS (1-1/2 hours from me) that said "Cottage Estate Sale". So I left the house at 6am, leaving two very unhappy dogs in the backyard, and eventually found the road for the estate sale. Then drove right by the address because there was NOBODY milling around outside, one car, and a dinky little house with an even dinkier shed/garage behind it. And a handmade sign that said "Yard Sale" in the front yard. Oh well, I drove all that way so I turned around and pulled into the driveway. Yes indeedy, this was the "Cottage Estate Sale". To say it was stretching the definition of estate sale, well, let me just say that it was no more an estate sale than Hurricane Katrina was a mild onshore breeze. HOWEVER . . . I threw all caution to the winds (ha ha) and bought WAAAAAY too much stuff, including a deco-style lady's vanity with separate round hanging mirror and matching piano bench-style stool (quite elegant, definitely vintage, and needs to be cleaned); a whole bunch of milk glass steins, tumblers, candy dish, etc.; several Pyrex mixing bowls, AND eight 5-piece place settings of Pyrex "Flamingo Pink" dinnerware with sugar, creamer, vegetable bowl and large round platter, PLUS two matching pie pans. Don't ask me how much I spent--these people had done their computer searching and knew exactly what everything was worth--the prices were still reasonable but I didn't walk away going, "Ah ha! Let me outta here before they realize I just took complete advantage of them!" The woman running the sale called me at home later to see if I wanted the rest of the dinnerware and told me that hardly anyone had come after I left, mostly just neighbors. Perhaps the other people who got the "Cottage Estate Sale" email knew what that really meant. That and the fact that the listing for the sale mentioned the large assortment of knives, axes, tools, etc. Oh, and the line "Cash Only--Not Responsible For Accidents". Huh?