Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Love My Husband

Here's my husband, Mike. When this picture was taken, he was filling tiny plastic cups with candy and nuts preparing for his parents' 50th wedding anniversary. He doesn't look like a nut cup filling kind of guy, but there are many things about Mike that surprise people. Like how romantic he can be--one day I came home from work to find these flowers:
with a beautiful handwritten note (and a beautiful peridot bracelet!!). It was all for "just because" since Mike doesn't believe in having to give someone something JUST BECAUSE it's your birthday or anniversary, etc. I didn't like that at first, but then he'll surprise me by actually sending flowers to me on our anniversary, which I forget every year even though I purposely had us get married the day before my birthday so I WOULDN'T freakin' forget.
Another time, I came home to find this sweet message written on the kitchen blackboard:
We met in 1988 and have been together ever since and there is not one day that I've ever regretted knowing him -- he is kind, he gets emotional, he "lets me" get tattooed, and he always makes sure to give me a kiss when he leaves the house and when he returns, even if it's just to go to the Home Depot. Some days, that means getting kissed three or four times, which is ok. I'm sure lots of women love their husbands just as much as I do, and I think that's great. Unfortunately for them, though, I have THE BEST husband! Ha ha!!