Thursday, April 23, 2009

Paint By Number

Everyone of a certain age remembers either receiving or at least seeing the old Paint By Numbers kits. I certainly do--and remember how proud I was at having created a work of art, in MY mind, at least. Apparently there has been a great hue and cry over whether or not Paint By Number is art, but art has always been a matter of taste and NO ONE is going to dictate whether or not I think something is tasteful or distasteful! I found this cute little PBN at one of my fav haunts, the Ozona Flea Market. The Hardest Working Gal in the Flea Market Biz, Miss Kathy, runs the place--it's a total mess and she's been warned more than once by the county to clean it up. Which is completely rediculous because everything else around her business is falling down or rotting. Her place is one of the last true flea markets in the area--all the others seem to think they're just like the fancy-schmancy Royal Street antique stores in New Orleans and charge rediculously high prices. Miss Kathy was having a 3 for $1 sale one day, so I paid all of $.33 for this, including the frame! And got lots of other 3 for $1 stuff, as well. A great day! ****************************

So, now I'm on the lookout for more PBNs, and lo and behold, what do I find at the famous Junk Flea Market Behind the Overpriced Antique Store in Hattiesburg? Two, count 'em, TWO Jesus PBNs. $5 each, including frame, and described on the price tag as Watercolors. Right there I knew the seller had no clue what she had since EVERYONE knows PBNs were always painted from those little plastic pots of acrylic paint. I grabbed and ran (after paying, of course).

(The urge to insert a knock knock joke here is almost too much to bear. But I won't).

The mark of a true addict is that she cannot pass up the object of her desire, no matter what the price. There I was, wandering around an actual antique mall in Denham Springs, LA, and this dreamy seascape was calling me . . . "Yes, I DO cost $15, and no, that doesn't even include a frame, but ooooo--you know you want me!" Weakling that I am, of course I bought it. OK--it was expensive for a PBN, but it's BIG, 16"x20". And the frame I bought for it was half off at Hobby Lobby, and it's even shabby chic because I busted off two corners when the damn thing fell out of the shopping cart.
So there you have it. Another addiction to add to the growing list. At least I can hang these on the wall instead of adding them to the piles.