Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Da FloraBama Lounge and Package

I keep saying I'm going to post and then something comes up and another day goes by and no post but the world keeps turning and the sun comes up so it's not completely tragic that I'm so freaking LAZY!! Went to the Alabama/Florida state line to show my 24 year old niece and her mom (my sister) a good time at the FloraBama Lounge. I think we succeeded . . . That's Corinne ("Tink") in the middle concentrating VERY HARD on her dance steps, and my sister Susie ("Sue") with the long wavy hair. Sue is about to witness Tink's pole dance. We had already been treated to seeing a grandmotherly-type do a slip and slide up and down the pole. Not something you want to see every day, but once in awhile . . . still not.

Yep, these are what you think they are. Bras. Lots of bras hung across clotheslines over the dance floor. On Saturday nights, when the place really rocks with college girls, beach bunnies, rednecks, surfer dudes and airmen from Pensacola Naval Air Station, there are MANY girls who leave a bit more, shall we say, "floppy" than when they arrived.

Obviously, Hubby and Tink are having a waaaaay good time!