Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jammin' Weekend, Final Act

Been bad about posting and have to put the curtain down on the estate sale weekend since ANOTHER weekend has come and gone. And whoa doggies, wait til I show y'all what I unearthed at the flea market. Yes Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus and he has a booth at the A-1 Flea Market/RV Park!

Here are the cool hats, the White Grandma Goes to Town hats. I am old enough to have had grandmothers who would not have been caught dead beyond their front lawn without matching dress, bag, shoes & hat. Of course it goes without saying that the hair had a weekly appointment with Mr. Fredrick or Miss Olga at the local hair sa-LON (remember that perm machine?).

Black velvet, includes a matching hatpin

Also black velvet, with a pretty red satin band.

The fur is real and no, I don't wear it. It belonged to my mother and besides, how else could I use that incredibly fabulous Art Deco clip? It's actually a dress clip but let's not quibble. Here's a clip close-up:There is a pin in the Warman's book that, other than having 4 flowers on the top row instead of 2, is exactly like this, other than being a pin. The clip mechanism on the back has some beautiful engraved scrollwork and the metal is very obviously pot metal. The pin in the book: valued at $165.

I saw the pin last weekend but went back and bought it this weekend. Here are a few other estate sale goodies:

Handpainted porcelain lemon dish signed "N. Tolbert"--can't find anything regarding this Tolbert person, think he/she may have been the former resident of the "estate".
Set of four thickly gold-encrusted tumblers with carrier. I think the outer holders are for napkins?Porcelain cake plate marked "Decor Meissner Streublumen". This is a beautiful piece.