Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fourth of July, Southern Style

Let me start off by saying that due to the fact that my extended family here is a little on the "conventionally unconventional" side, this is actually how I spent my FIFTH of July. Why share the park with hordes of people when you can have it all to yourself? So on Sunday, we met up at the Fairview-Riverside Park in Madisonville, LA. Situated on the banks of the Tchefuncte River, it is probably one of the most beautiful and uncrowded state parks in Louisiana.

A lovely home, the Otis House, sits on a rise overlooking the river. It was built in the 1880s and was eventually deeded to the State of Louisiana and designated a Historic Site. The home has been restored and is open for tours. The view below is from the house area towards the river. Every live oak tree on the property is literally dripping with Spanish Moss. Gorgeous.
The ever-present scrub palmetto.
One of my favorite things about this area--cypress knees. This was an incredible grouping.
Now. About those cake wrecks. I'm wondering if there's a separate category for cupcakes. Auntie Gwen made a big batch of severely patriotic cuppies--I mean, the paper cups were red white & blue, the icing white, the sprinkles red & blue . . . and, had they not consumed massive quantities of teeny weeny cans of beer, these mini-bobblehead Uncle Sams would be standing up proudly on top of the cuppies. The interesting thing here is that no one arranged this--we took the cover off and there they were. One face down and snoring, the others in various stages of entrapment. I brought one home with me as a souvenir to remember this most happy Fifth of July. Hope y'all had a good Fourth or Fifth or whatever.
PS: Thank goodness Auntie Gwen had this gathering on Sunday as I'd gotten up at the crack of dawn on Saturday to see what I could find costume jewelry-wise at the flea market. If I can bring myself to photograph the loot, I'll share it.