Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Great Kitchen Finds!

First, a major score at America's Thrift Store. Let me just say that, considering that most of the inventory in these stores is junk (not junque), they are not exactly thrifty. In fact, they overprice much of the recognizable collectibles. HOWEVER, if you search, you will find. For your enjoyment, I present an actual Arthur Court serving piece dated 1995 . . . for $1.98!!! I LOVE Arthur Court but it's too pricey since it's usually sold at department stores. There's some sort of tarnish going across the middle but even if I can't get it off, who cares? It's gorgeous!

I like to collect serving trays from tourist hotspots in the US (even if I've never been there), so this one caught my eye, particularly for the fact that it's from Stone Mountain Georgia and shows other famous Georgia spots like the Paddleboat Marina that looks like a gigantic Japanese pagoda (which I doubt).

But then I saw something that made me laugh out loud right there on Aisle 3 of America's Thrift Store. We good ole Southern girls know that before the Yankees came down and deflowered everyONE and everyTHING, this area was proudly known as the Antebellum South, with all its gorgeous mansions and cotton fields, hoop skirts and gawden pawties, blah blah blah. So check out this little bit of unknown history. "Antebellum" is defined as "preceding the war, esp. the U.S. Civil War". From the Latin for "before" (ante) and "war" (bellum). Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the heretofore unknown ANTI-WAR MANSION!

Kitchen collectibles are some of my favorites and I seem to be amassing a HUGE collection of salt & pepper shakers. I love the kitschy retro ones, of course. These wooden pigs, highly reminiscent of the Cliff Clavin pig in "Toy Story", are very cute. The spices come out their noses. Ah-CHOO! The red and white enamel pot in background lends an air of authenticity to the retro factor, don't you think?

These just say "retro" like nobody's business. Check out the "Hello Kitty" mini photo album in the background. Salt & peppers: two bucks. Hello Kitty: fiddy cent.

Someone must have scared the bejesus out of the person who was painting on Salt's face. What's really cute is that these are mini versions of the ones above. Priceless.

This set is just amazing, and except for being a little dirty, it's in perfect condition. It's vintage, stamped Japan, and while I did pay a whopping eight bucks for it, it's worth every penny. What a great bunch of kitchen finds.

(I think I may even stop complaining about the hauls you West Coast girls make).