Saturday, September 26, 2009

Barbie Boutique at Pottery Barn

I am a card-carrying Barbie Fan Club member and probably have upwards of, oh, about 75 Barbies, all still in their packaging. They range from the Wizard of Oz series to the Alice in Wonderland Series to the DC Comics series (Black Canary, Supergirl, Wonder Woman and Batgirl) to The Carol Burnett Show "Went With the Wind" Barbie (one of my favorites--even has the curtain rod across the shoulders!) to the three Lounge Kitties to various reproductions of classic vintage Barbies. I desperately wanted to go to the Barbie convention last year but could find no one to accompany me and when I decided I was gonna go it alone this year I found out they had been sold out for months.
I received an email from the BFC alerting me that Pottery Barn has jumped on Barbie's 50th Anniversary juggernaut, so now you can buy overpriced pink girly stuff and rub shoulders with all those snooty Pottery Barn shoppers (you know, the same rude ones who shop at Whole Foods). Here's the exclusive-to-Pottery-Barn Barbie. Well OF COURSE I'm going to get it!

Barbie Doll in black or white: $49

Duvet cover. $76 for twin, also available in Full and Queen. We have a Queen size bed. Hmmmm . . .
Coordinating Barbie sheets. $54 twin set. Also available in Full & Queen. Hmmm, again.
A sweet little Barbie pillow. $26.
Barbie framed art. $69.99 each.

After you've jumped out of your Barbie bed in your Barbie pjs ($39.50) you can sit down to a hearty Barbie breakfast with your Barbie tabletop set. $19 for plate, bowl and glass. Tiara not included but highly recommended.

Finally, Barbie--IN THE FLESH--is appearing at select Pottery Barns. Barbie is simultaneously appearing in seven different states and in Canada ON THE SAME DAY.

The day I saw 3 Santas within 1 hour had to have been one of more traumatizing times in my short life. Thankfully, the Barbie appearances are spaced out a little further than 3 major department stores in downtown Los Angeles.