Friday, September 25, 2009

A Cankle?

Before going any further, this is not me.

I would not wear plaid shoes nor EVER wear a pair of pants with embroidery on the cuff and I'm not quite this plus-sized. As a matter of fact, I just started a Ticker for weight loss AND ordered a weight loss program called Slim In 6 -- it's one of those advertised on tv in the wee morning hours but I haven't ordered one of these since I succumbed to Richard Simmons' call to bounce around to the oldies. After I post this, I'm going to have my husband take a photo of me in my swimming suit for the BEFORE picture--he is under STRICT orders to remain stoic during the photo shoot. I don't plan on blogging about this unless I actually start to lose weight--I'm one of those people who have tried every diet and exercise plan known to womankind and still can't keep off the pounds--why leave, they say--we like it here. Ever the optimist, however, I'm giving it another shot. Anyone want to join me????

The photo shows an example of cankles, which is a combination of the words "calf" and "ankle"--and if you can't differentiate your calf from your ankle, you have cankles. Apparently this word came up on an episode of "Friends". I don't recall that particular episode but I'm sure they were talking about when Monica was fat and she probably had cankles.

Hard to look at Courtney Cox and even FICTITIOUSLY imagine her as anything but a stick.