Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My New Favorite Figurines

After visiting with relatives this past Sunday I stopped in at Bayou Moon Antiques in Mandeville, LA to say hello to Mandy. Unfortunately she wasn't working that day but the woman there was very nice. There is so much to look at here--things are all over the place inside and out--there is the main building (a former cottage) plus two storage sheds stuffed to the rafters, another shed that Mandy is in the process of emptying AND more stuff than you can imagine in the front yard, the back yard and the side yards PLUS the front porch!

This sweet little Art Deco ceramic deer was on one of the outside tables, dirty but no chips or breakage. I love the celadon green color!

The bad thing about hunting for antiques here is that only the cottage is air-conditioned, and it's particularly brutal in the overstuffed sheds. I went inside with my little deer and found this beautiful jade green solid glass Buddha--he's only about 3" tall but after a bath he'll be beautiful in a window. It's always good to have a fat happy Buddha in the house!
Since this is an actual antique store I don't buy much here but it's fun to look around and if the man from across the street drops by, you also get an interesting conversation on any number of topics. It was a nice way to spend a few hours.