Monday, September 14, 2009

I've Been Traveling and I'm Pooped

Decided to drive to Birmingham last Wednesday to do what I could about selling Mom's place, plus I wanted to visit my Dad With The Broken Neck (he's doing great--a positive attitude will work wonders). Took Boo to the vet and left lots of food and water for Poonie with instructions to try not to vomit all over the place. When faced with unlimited amounts of food, Poonie eats too much too fast and, well, I just had to keep my fingers crossed (Poonie's been in the office with me all morning, talking, rubbing his head on my legs--now he's managed to get the closet doors open enough and he's sitting in the closet looking at me. Anyone who knows Poonie and how mean he's been all his life just can't believe this transformation--he's especially sweet after I've left him alone for a few days. Hey, it works for our marriage, why not with a cat?).

I need to finish my plantation posting but I have to tell you, I found the weirdest, coolest structure EVER right in the middle of Prattville, Alabama--plus Prattville itself, while having an "ugly" name, has an awesome historic downtown. It took way longer to get home than it normally would (8 hours as opposed to 5) but it was worth it.

It took me all day Sunday, though, to recover!