Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Great River Road, Part III

As promised, some photos of some of the plantation homes I saw on my little River Road jaunt. I've included some interesting links if you're inclined to read more.
This is Ormond Plantation--most of the land surrounding the home and outbuildings has been developed into upscale planned communities. What's interesting when you visit these plantation homes is that they really aren't as big as they look from the outside--due to the oppressingly hot and humid weather, lots of the square footage is devoted to the porches both front and back. Staying inside, even to sleep, is a bad idea when it's 98 degrees with 100% humidity. And the mosquitoes are going to get you no matter where you are, anyway.

Just down the road is Destrehan Plantation. It's been around awhile. And apparently it's haunted.
I love this shot taken through the ever-present Spanish moss hanging from an old oak.

Not all plantations were owned by white men. This is an outbuilding on the Creole Laura Plantation--named after the daughter of the man who owned it. There's lots of lush vegetation around this plantation, giving it a much more tropical feel. Perfect for growing sugar cane, cher.

This boat was sitting at the back of the Ormond parking lot with a sign that said it was in the process of being restored. Obviously it has a looonnnnggg way to go. Doesn't look too seaworthy--but it does look very African Queenish.

Next month our niece is coming to visit from Illinois and we're taking her up to Natchez, MS for an overnight stay at a B&B. It's not in a grand mansion but even better--it's a little cottage just for us PLUS it's right at the cliff's edge overlooking the mighty Mississippi River. We'll be visiting some of the mansions, of course.