Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Entry In the Garage Slobfest

A first glance, you would naturally think that a sane, normal person lived in this house. Perhaps the landscaping leaves something to be desired, but hey, it's freaking HOT down here.

A close-up reveals a front porch already tastefully decorated for Fall.

There's a lovely pond surrounded by mature oaks and cypress trees. Happy turtles and bass of various sizes often enjoy snacks of stale bread fed to them by the lady of the house. What could be more normal?

Uh oh. The Barbie Collection in The Office. Three deep in some places.

Halloween witches are taking over one of the kitchen counters.

(I do need to share that I bought this Annalee witch at Ross last night for a GREATLY REDUCED price. Unfortunately, I hate Annalee dolls).
There is a slate bed regulation size pool table buried under all of this. In the hat box is a cowboy hat I won at the Bucks For Bella raffle (I am still waiting on the cowboy boots I also won as well as a t-shirt and a necklace. Very disheartened by that). Everything on the pool table is destined for THE SHED.
The other half of the stuff in the living room that hasn't made it to the shed yet. I'm working on it, ok? Among other things, a milk glass hobnail lamp, Pyrex bowls of various sizes, a three piece porcelain boudoir set, cool plaid Thermos, etc. The nun stays on the table.

OK-here's part of the garage. That's our old a/c unit -- what a noisy behemoth it was. Most of this is going to the dump when the husband comes home--except of course the antique washstand bought at Habitat for Humanity.
Another garage angle. Guess what's under the sheet???
An antique treadle sewing machine in beautiful condition. Estate sale purchase.

This doesn't look soooo bad, you might think. But remember . . . THE SHED. More tomorrow. Oh, and in case my husband slipped a gear and is actually reading this post without my usual nagging to "Read my blog, honey!": IT WILL ALL BE IN THE SHED BY THE TIME YOU GET HOME!!! Really.

Here's a sneak peak at what's in THE SHED: