Friday, September 18, 2009

Slobfest's Dead Bug Party

I know it's not nice to be happy about the death of some of God's creatures, but I think Jesus and I are in agreement on this one. The only good lovebug is a dead lovebug. (Isn't this just the BEST Jesus souvenir EVER? Not only is the image one of my favorites, but it's decoupaged onto a souvenir cedar box stamped NEW ORLEANS LA and I bought it for a dollar at one of my local thrift stores).

OK--here's the front of the shed. When they leveled the ground preparing for the slab, they used Alabama red clay. There was quite a bit left over so we diligently spread it all around the area. As you can see, not even our daily rainstorms can coerce anything to grow through this nasty clay masquerading as dirt. The boards on the ground (right side of picture) had to be put there since if you step on wet red clay you will (1) get it on your shoes and spend the next 15 minutes trying to get it off, and (2) slip on it and fall smack on your butt. Believe me on that one.

Now, about those lovebugs. We get them without fail in Spring and Fall. The spiders look forward to lovebug time, of course, as do the local car washes. They fly around quite lanquidly in huge groups, hooked up to each other (hence the name, which is a nice version of what most people call them: f**kbugs), and when you venture out to Walmart, your windshield gets COMPLETELY covered in bug guts almost immediately. They emerge from somewhere, hook up, and die in (yay) mass quantities.

The shed's brand new air conditioner is littered with corpses, both inside and out.

So, after I'd spent a few minutes rejoicing over the end of lovebug season, I open the shed door and am greeted with this:

Ants. Ants who are building an anthill IN MY SHED out of that damn red clay. I sprayed the living hell out of them.

After dispatching the dudes from "A Bug's Life", I turned to face the contents of THE SHED! I have three long folding tables in the middle of the room. They are completely covered.

You may be able to see: sets of milk glass mugs and milk glass sherbets, Fiesta platters, amber Pyrex bowl, penguin ice tub, faux copper ice tub, a ceramic display arm (under the table, looking a bit gruesome), and of course several boxes of stuff that needs to be unpacked. The white plastic 3-drawer thingie (one of 2) holds stacks of vintage linens, gloves and hats.

Ya want more? Tomorrow we dive deeper into the madness. Can you say Jeannette Floragold? Blue Ridge dinnerware? Hazel Atlas Moderntone? Fire King dinnerware? Silverplate? PYREX?!!