Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Time To Say Buh-Bye to Kate Spike

I'm phasing out this blog--I had fun with it but it never really came together with a cohesive direction.  I've found my calling, though, and have created this blog!  I have discovered a whole world of people who fanatically embrace the 50's lifestyle and I figured, well, I LIVED the 50's so I just might have something of interest to share with the younger crowd and some old farts, too.  Plus I have a treasure trove of "stuff" I have collected over the course of my travels to thrift stores and estate sales that wasn't really appropriate to Kate Spike but works well within the Vintage Christine blog. 

Of course, Poonie's blog will continue--right now we're in the midst of Holly's heartworm situation and a bad reaction to a rabies shot.  Poonie is sitting in the room with me right now, quite upset because I haven't given him his treats, so he's ripping up a magazine page.  He got a swat, which didn't faze him in the least.

For those few of you who have followed this blog, I cordially invite you to drop by the new blog.  Shall we cocktail?  Oh, but mais oui!!