Monday, October 12, 2009

You Just Can't Beat the U.S. Mail For Making You Happy (and a good friend or two doesn't hurt, either)

Last week wasn't such a great week.  First I found out that Holly has heartworms and then we reached the unfortunate point in settling my mother's "estate" where nastiness has reared its ugly head.  When I opened the mailbox on Saturday, lo and behold, there was a little bubble pack filled with the cutest, sweetest little "happies".  A hankie, swizzle sticks, a tobacco leaf advert with some sewing needles on the back, a cool little plastic flower, a salt & pepper set and a stickpin.  In the words of Rachel Ray: "How fabbo is that?!"

This is an AWESOME salt & pepper set.  Look at that butt!  And those boobs!  Wowza!!  Pass me those condiments, puh-LEEZ!

I may have mentioned that I'm the person who will never, ever, ever pass up a stickpin.  This one with the big topaz stone has taken a place of honor in the collection.  It's gorgeous!

Thank you sooooooo much for making me feel soooooooo much better, Miz Anna M.  I've never met you but I honestly count you as a friend (and that was even before you sent the goodies)!