Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Yes, Del, There Really IS A Mouseville

"The Green Mile" is one of my favorite movies, and I'm not ashamed to say that after watching it numerous times I STILL cry when they electrocute John Coffey ("just like the drink except not spelled the same") at the fictitious Cold Mountain Prison in Louisiana.  One of my favorite actors is Michael Jeter, who did a great job as Edouard "Del" Delacroix (and he did a pretty good job with the always-difficult Cajun accent).  Del's hope was that after he was electrocuted, his pet mouse Mr. Jingles would be able to spend his last years in Mouseville, Florida.  Just before they threw the switch, evil little Percy looked him straight in the eye and told him that it was just a made-up story--there was no Mouseville.

I have proof to the contrary, right in my living room.  They got the location off a little--it's actually Mouseville, Mississippi.

(click on the image to see all the cute details)
Recommendation for a rainy afternoon:  If you haven't seen "The Green Mile", rent it.  If you've already seen it, snuggle in and watch it again.