Saturday, May 30, 2009

Getting Up Early Doesn't Always Get You The Worm

I have had some altercations with friends and family and that has sort of bummed me out this week. Then yesterday I went to a garage sale and just as I pulled up, a big pickup zips by me, parks really close to the sale tables, and this ole fat redneck jumps out of the truck, literally runs to the tables and starts grabbing EVERYTHING! I had politely parked my truck so that other people could park, assured the dogs that I'd be back soon and as I got closer to the sale, I saw what this guy was doing--and then ANOTHER redneck (a skinny one with long greasy hair) gets out of the truck and the fat one says, "This here's my pile. Git another one started." That there pile contained a couple of dolls, a display shelf, pots & pans, children's clothing, silverware, a camera -- and that's all I could see as I stared in amazement: in the course of a couple minutes he had scooped up anything of possible value and I KNOW he was planning on haggling with the people.

There were two other people there who were busy digging through the adult clothing and shoes, which Fat & Sloppy apparently didn't care about. All of this transpired at 8:10 a.m., 1o minutes after starting time. I got so depressed that I just turned around and walked back to the truck, which made the dogs happy at least.

I REALIZE that there's a degree of pushiness involved with successful garage saling, and maybe I'm just not cut out for the big time and will forever spend my dollars at more expensive estate sales and our local rip-off "thrift stores" (ha ha ha). Yes, thank you, I'll take some cheese with my whine. (Note: the day did proceed to brighten up considerably).